"The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect but by the play instinct." (Carl Jung)

   What allows someone to be spontaneous, to have access to one's imagination, to be fearless in trying something new or different? When observing children at play do you notice how they are so free, easy and joyful?  How can someone access that freedom and that joy? This freedom, this spontaneity is our creative nature. 

    "Creativity refers to an ability to generate original, novel, flexible and useful ideas that are not constrained by mental habits." Lindell (Laterality 2011)

    As a therapist, I am interested in helping people access their creativity, to find the courage to trust their instincts and to free themselves from the critical voice within that inhibits the ability to act with ease in the present moment.

    Recent studies have shown that the right brain acts in "the highest human mental function, responsible for creativity and integration of past, present and future experience." Rotenberg (2004) "The optimal therapeutic experience expands a patient's right brain creative functions" Shore (2012) and "facilitates the right brain's powerful integrative processing." Shutz (2005)

    In my work I help people find their voice, tell their stories, and discover their truth. Together we find the freedom to be in the present moment and to think outside the box.