There is a point in life when no rational answer, no therapy, no kind word can heal the terrible pain we feel within our hearts. There is a time when our lives change so suddenly that all seems lost and we cannot recognize ourselves, our lives and our environment as we did before.

We may have lost a loved one and are living in grief. We may have been diagnosed with a life-threatening disease and are living in fear. We may have experienced a terrible traumatic event and are stuck in behaviors that are destructive or we may be experiencing the simple but profound evolution in our life through the course of aging, 

Whatever the transition might be, we experience the loss of what was and we look for a ray of light to show what is next.

As a therapist I am interested in helping people find some peace within the storm and together discover the insights that may lead them to calm waters, compassion and acceptance.

Sometimes the only answer to the darkness and bleakness we feel within our minds and hearts is the answer born of our own spiritual wisdom. I help people unlock this spiritual wisdom and I help people create and inhabit spiritual practices that sustain them.

Our lives are a mystery. At times its beauty is unfathomable. At times its pain is unbearable.

When we open to life's Mystery we begin our journey.

We find our path.