My approach is inclusive of mind, body, heart and soul.

I work with Individuals, couples, adults and children.

With adults and couples my specialties are:

                               Spiritual awareness, growth and awakening

                              Living with and growing through Grief and Loss

                               Couples counseling: Issues that arise when couples are from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds; building good

                                  communication skills; creating respectful boundaries.

                             Surviving and Flourishing after Trauma, including the trauma of sexual and psychological abuse

                              Creativity: Trusting and opening to one’s spontaneous and intuitive nature

                             Sexual Identity and Sexual Health

                             Living as an Artist and Social Activist on this planet.

                             Diminishing the effects of Anxiety, Fear and Depression and living a joyful life.


With children my specialities are:

               Learning through Play & Playful learning

               Making friends

              Understanding and respecting feelings

              Creating and respecting boundaries


Modes of therapy:


Talk therapy that can include Somatic interventions which may mean simple body awareness &/or movements that can clarify the challenges one faces as well as draw one more deeply into relationship with her/his own body.

Hypnotherapy: inspired by the hypnotherapy developed by Milton H. Erickson which involves light trance work and helps the client come into contact with information that may be useful in understanding one’s self.

Interplay Therapy: Therapy using the forms of INTERPLAY, incorporating voice, movement, stillness and imagination. This kind of therapy calls on a person’s spirit of play to tell their stories, express their challenges and questions, and reflect on what they notice and allow.

Post Induction Therapy: This mode of therapy was developed by Pia Melody to work with issues of co-dependence that have stifled one's personal growth and well-being. It is particularly effective with people who have been traumatized at an early age by verbal, physical and sexual abuse.


Sessions are usually 50 minutes. Depending on the type of therapy, sessions may be longer.